Introducing Your Ultimate Hub for League of Legends Esports Coverage

aZe3 months ago

Today, we're thrilled to introduce as hub for League of Legends Esports coverage. Here, you can stay updated on all the details from the regional and international scenes of your favorite players and teams, tracking their performance in every tournament match with post-game stats and soon-to-come live scoreboard for real-time insights into a match.

Engage with the community using our advanced forum to delve deep into your ideas about League of Legends. Our advanced features allow you to express your opinions on matches, tournaments, teams, or even the champion build that a player makes in a game.

At, you can follow:

We are committed to creating a platform for the community and with them, revolutionizing the League of Legends Esports experience. Just like for Valorant and for Counter-Strike, we aim to make the go-to platform for League of Legends but with a modern twist and never-before-seen features that will be introduced in the coming months to revolutionize community forum interactions with stats.

See you on!

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