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Staff Launch, feedback welcome

So, this is a more informal and slightly more explanatory text about my plans with and my vision for the League of Legends stats scene and the future of the platform. So this is a long text, my apologies, I tried to make it as short as possible.

Before diving in, I'd like to highlight the important factors driving the platform's development: Community-driven and data-centric. Essentially, this will make not only a platform where League of Legends esports enthusiasts can find official match data but also a community hub where people can come together to discuss game changes and matches in a deeper and more personalized way than on other traditional platforms like X (Twitter) or Reddit, for example. These social platforms are more general and limited in their ability to convey game-related information. I'll delve into this further below with some insights into what's to come.

Another important point is that the platform is inspired by others such as HTLV/VLR for their respective scenarios, so it follows somewhat the same line as how they work but with improvements and something more specific for the LoL scenario.


The forum is essentially one of the central features of the platform. The editor is one of the things I'll be adding new features to in the coming months; it's a strong point because it's the centerpiece that allows the community to express themselves and create content in a more elaborate and dynamic way beyond just text. I've worked with creating and maintaining a Notion-style text editor for a few years at my current company, which has given me some ideas of what I can build here.

In this initial beta, you can observe some simple features, such as mentioning teams, players, and tournaments, as well as adding a match as part of your text. This is one of the basic features on the platform, but you can expect more advanced features that allow you to express your opinion on a play or game changes, some of which you'll see in the coming months.

  • Pickems: You can make your predictions of the playoffs or regular phase when while typing in the editor and display them visually in the forum thread. We will also have the pickems leaderboard, and you can create your own leaderboard to compete with friends or your community.
  • Champion build: To better express your opinions, you can showcase an example of a build that a player can or could use.
  • Player build: Similar to the above, but in this case, you can list the build a player used in a specific match and include the stats from that game. This can help the community form better opinions about what the player did in a match and how it could have been improved.
  • More mentions: Essentially, I want to expand this with the ability to mention in-game items and champions, which helps integrate your text better with information about the item.

There are still other ideas, but these are some of the text blocks I'll be working on in the coming months. There are many possibilities here, so if you have ideas on how we can further evolve this, feel free to express your opinion on the forum.


There's a significant opportunity for improvement in League of Legends esports stats that hasn't been fully tapped into yet. While metrics like GPM, DPM, and Vision are used, they often don't capture the full complexity of what happens in a match. For example, crucial game-deciding fights, where the outcome of the match hinges on key engagements, or strategic responses to objectives, such as coordinated team plays around important map objectives like Baron or Dragon, are frequently not adequately represented by these traditional metrics. I aim to explore and provide these insights on the platform for players to analyze matches more comprehensively.

I have ideas and sketches on how to address this gap, although it may take time due to the incomplete data available compared to other games like Counter-Strike. This improvement in stats ties closely with the forum's potential, where the editor can visually depict and analyze in-game scenarios, enhancing discussions and insights.

I look forward to sharing more concrete ideas and possibly an MVP in the coming months.

Finally, there are still basic stats that are not 100% visible on the platform yet, but I'm already working on it because I don't just want to display raw data, but I'm also thinking about how I can present it in other ways, such as the Performance section on the player's page.

Live score is currently one of my priorities, so this will allow you to know more accurately when a match has started and check real-time game stats. This probably won't be available for every match because not all games allow this feature, but it will likely cover all major leagues.

Command Menu/Search

The command bar or search feature is something I want to enhance with more resources. Essentially, it's a place for shortcuts that allow easy navigation through the site or commands. It also includes features like search, which is becoming common in SaaS platforms outside the gaming world. This is a powerful tool for users who frequently navigate the platform, enhancing the overall user experience significantly. You can expect to see more changes and improvements in this area.

Regarding search, I also plan to enhance it in the near future by incorporating semantic search capabilities along with AI features. I'm still exploring the feasibility of this in terms of costs, so I'll provide more details about these enhancements in the future.

I tried to talk a bit more about the platform's vision in a general and future-oriented way, so I will create another thread to discuss what's coming now during the beta version of the platform. I'm also working on the roadmap and changelog page so that you can see the news and what's coming next.

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