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14.8 Patch Preview for MSI 2024

Matt shared the Patch preview for MSI 2024MSI 2024.

  1. Voidgrubs: Buffed damage and reduced the number of grubs required for the first summon spawn to encourage more conflict.
  2. Baron Attacks: Being made stronger as they are currently not threatening enough, but without overloading player attention during Baron fights.
  3. Skarner: Targeted nerfs to balance his performance in Top and Jungle roles while making him smoother to play.
  4. Mordekaiser: Ultimate ability made un-QSS'able to reduce counterplay, aiming for more impactful gameplay.
  5. Azir: Presence in the pro meta being addressed due to being too prevalent.
  6. Briar: Effective in lower ranks, win rates propped up by Skarner, so adjustments are needed.
  7. Zac: Not overpowered but lane phase is uninteresting; adjustments to keep Jungle his primary role.
  8. Zeri: Beneficiary of Crit item changes, currently too strong, but long-term balance is improving.

14.8 is the MSI patch! Voidgrubs: - We're buffing Voidgrubs this patch by buffing the damage and the number of grubs required to get the first grub summon spawn - We're also separating the spawn time from Dragon a bit to make trading less of a reality and to have teams engage…

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