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14.8 Patch Final for MSI 2024

Here's a summary by role:


  • The meta is diverse, including fighters, tanks, AP champions, and ranged champions. No major changes are planned for this role.
  • Tanks are slightly weak, but some like K'Sante, Udyr, Ornn, and Sion should be situationally viable.
  • Buffs to jungle objectives are aimed at increasing focus on the top side of the map.


  • With Rell's release, tank junglers should be less common.
  • They aim to bring back more carry and AP junglers, targeting champions like Sylas, Graves, Jarvan, and Olaf.


  • Nerfs to Azir are to open up lane matchups for more champion diversity.
  • Sylas is being promoted as a flexible pick, along with buffs to Leblanc and Akali to encourage more non-mage picks.
  • Galio is being buffed, while Hwei is getting changes aimed at balancing him for pro play.


  • Zeri indirectly benefited from item buffs, so she's getting adjusted to diversify the meta.
  • The bot lane meta is varied with early, supportive, and late-game oriented marksmen, aiming to open up situational picks like Jhin, Kai'sa, and Draven.


  • A small buff to Thresh to support the meta.
  • Overall, the changes aim to create a diverse and viable meta across different champion classes.

Final 14.8 Changelists! Taking a bit of a different approach and talking more holistically role by role for this update. Top: - The top meta is looking pretty varied, with a mix of fighters, tanks, AP (any Morde enjoyers) and some ranged. We're not looking to mix this up too…

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