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MSI 2024 Draw Show Updates: Bracket Stage Matchups Revealed!

The MSI 2024MSI 2024 Draw Show for the Play-In Stage will take place during the LPL Spring Finals on April 20, featuring guest Flagxiye, Su Han-Wei!

The Play-In Stage Draw on April 20 will determine brackets, with teams divided into four tiers to ensure fairness. Tier 1 teams will face Tier 4, and Tier 2 will face Tier 3 in the first round.

  • Tier 1: LPL2, LCK2
  • Tier 2: LEC2, LCS2
  • Tier 3: PCS1, VCS1
  • Tier 4: LLA1, CBLOL1

The Bracket Stage Draw on May 5 will divide 8 teams into four tiers, with Tier 1 facing Tier 4 and Tier 2 facing Tier 3. Each side of the bracket can have only one team per region, avoiding conflicts with the rule. In cases where a draw results in multiple teams from one region on the same side, the drawn team will move to the opposite side. If there's only one possible draw result based on Play-In outcomes, no draw show will occur, and matchups will be announced on May 5.

  • Tier 1: LPL1, LCK1
  • Tier 2: LEC1, LCS1
  • Tier 3: Play-In 2-0s (2 teams)
  • Tier 4: Play-In 2-1s (2 teams)
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