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LoL Esports Unveils Exciting Changes for 2025: New International Event, Fearless Draft Mode, Multi-Regional Leagues, and More!

LoL Esports is introducing several enhancements for 2025 to make the sport more exciting and competitive. Key updates include:

  • New, third international event;
  • Innovative “Fearless Draft” game mode in Tier-1 play;
  • Unified split schedule for all leagues;
  • Proposed multi-region leagues in Asia-Pacific (APAC) and Americas;
  • Experiment with “Guest Team” slots/promotion-relegation;
  • New international event league slots.


New International Event & Fearless Draft Mode

The new international event will feature regional and international rounds, starting with a global tournament at the beginning of the season. This event will include a "Fearless Draft" mode, banning previously picked champions in best-of series, ensuring more variety in gameplay.

New Split Structure

Starting next season, all regions will kick off with the new international tournament/first split. The second split will then qualify teams for the Mid-Season Invitational (MSI), which is moved to early July. The third and final split will culminate in a Regional Championship to crown one season-long champion in each region. This single-season Regional Championship approach aims to make splits more cohesive, raise the stakes for regular season matches, and provide a season-long build-up to Worlds, the biggest event of the year.

New Multi-Regional Americas/APAC Leagues & Guest Team Slots

In the Americas, a new league will combine North and South conferences, integrating teams from different regions and introducing a "Guest Team" slot for promotion and relegation, fostering fresh talent and competition. 

Here’s how the Americas splits would work:

  • Split 1 - Teams would first compete within their respective conferences, with top performers qualifying for cross-conference play where a single team will qualify for the new global tournament;
  • Split 2 - For MSI, the top team from each conference would secure one slot, a total of two Americas teams;
  • Split 3 - An Americas Regional Championship would determine three teams advancing to Worlds, with at least one team from each conference.

The APAC league will merge top teams from various regions, featuring regular inter-regional competitions and a hybrid partnership and promotion/relegation model. This league will include teams from Vietnam, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macao, Japan, Oceania, and the rest of Southeast Asia, enhancing dynamic competition and diverse representation. The first lineup of guest teams will be determined by the results of the 2024 PCS and VCS Summer Split Playoffs.

International Event Slots

The international event slots will be reevaluated, with each of the five regions receiving specific slots for the new event, MSI, and Worlds, ensuring balanced representation and competitive diversity. These updates aim to enhance fan engagement, improve competitive play, and sustain financial viability in LoL Esports.

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