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Patch 14.12 Notes

Champion Changes:

  • Yasuo: Gains increased critical strike damage and healing on his passive.
  • Riven: Receives buffs to her Q - Broken Wings and R - Blade of the Exile abilities.
  • Lillia: Adjustments to her Q - Blooming Blows and W - Watch Out! Eep! abilities for better balance.

Item Updates:

  • Prowler's Claw: Nerfed for ranged champions, reducing its effectiveness in certain situations.
  • Hullbreaker: Adjustments to its stats and passive for better balance and gameplay.

Gameplay Changes:

  • Turrets: Changes to turret targeting and prioritization to improve clarity and consistency.
  • Rift Herald: Now has adjusted resistances and bonus damage for more engaging interactions.

New Features:

  • Blue Essence Emporium: An upcoming event where players can spend Blue Essence on various exclusive items.

Overall, patch 14.12 aims to address balance issues, improve gameplay clarity, and introduce new content like the Blue Essence Emporium event. More information on the link below.

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