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Patch 14.13 Notes

The League of Legends Patch 14.13 brings various updates, including changes to champions, new skins, and other gameplay adjustments.

Champion Changes


  • Passive (Blaze): Adjustments to the damage over time and mana regen mechanics when enemies die while ablaze.
  • Abilities: Tweaks to damage, cooldowns, and interactions to make his playstyle more consistent and balanced.


  • Passive (Trial by Fire): Alterations to the burn damage and interaction with melee attacks.
  • Abilities: Changes to his barrel mechanics and ultimate, aiming to balance his laning phase and late-game scaling​.


  • Passive (Happy Hour): Improved healing upon skill usage.
  • Abilities: Adjustments to the damage and cooldowns, particularly focusing on making his skills more reliable in team fights.


  • Passive (Death Defied): Modifications to the mana restoration and damage output while in spirit form.
  • Abilities: Fine-tuning to his damage over time and area control abilities, aiming to balance his impact in fights.


  • Passive (Mark of the Storm): Changes to the stun mechanics and extra damage application.
  • Abilities: Adjustments to his skill damage and cooldowns to enhance his effectiveness in both laning and team fights​.

New Skins and Cosmetics

  • Introduction of new skins for several champions, including thematic collections and special event skins, adding variety and customization options for players.

Other Updates

  • Bug fixes and minor gameplay tweaks to enhance the overall player experience.
  • Balancing adjustments to items and runes to ensure a more competitive and fair gameplay environment.

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